Meguiar’s Car Products

To give the man in your life the Father’s Day he deserves, give him 24 hours of relaxation and appreciation.  Also give him Meguiar’s fantastic line of car accessories to keep your cars gleaming each and every day!  Since 1901 they have been bringing us superior products and they are excited to launch their “new for 2015” line.  The Company promises they will exceed your expectations and bring you only the best in car care.  If they should not, they invite you to a full refund.

Meguiar’s Paint Protect provides you with an all year round “durability” and protection.  This requires no buffing and no waxing.  You simply wipe it on, and wipe it off.  This protection actually cures in 24 hours; you will literally see water bead off your vehicle and for an ENTIRE YEAR!  Paint Protect is safe for all exterior plastic, paint, chrome and metal and is completely synthetic.  It holds a great citrus fragrance.  Paint Protect retails for $9.99.

The “Water Magnet” microfiber drying towel is a dream come true in time efficiency!  It promises to reduce drying time with no streaks or spots.  My kids and I put this 22″x30″(large) cloth to the test and it completely lived up to the claim.  Its unique waffle texture left our car smooth and shiny.  Who doesn’t love a simple option to make a chore go much quicker!  Retailing at $9.99 as well its an amazing deal and an amazing gift! provides their vast line from cleaning and prep, to polish, wax, products to maintain, tire care etc.  Simply too many fine products to name! Sign up for their newsletter for promotional offers.

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