Speyburn Whiskey

For the father in your life who appreciates a fine whiskey, perhaps consider purchasing them Speyburn for the upcoming holiday. This whiskey is rich in both flavor and history.  Their single malt product is unique; they are the only distillery to use water from the “Granty Burn” famous in Scotland for its purity.  History begins in 1897, by John Hopkins, determined to mark Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.  Workers endured blizzard conditions to ensure a single barrel of Speyburn was made by the end of the year.  Through the years the distillery has been sold and changed hands a few times but still to this day so many of the original traditions are intact.  Speyburn was the first distillery to install “drum maltings”, known to involve less manual work.  Although the maltings are no longer functioning,  the 4 original malt hoppers are still in use.  From there, the magic happens: fermentation, distillation and of course maturation, to bring us only the finest and richest whiskey there is.
Speyburn’s 10 year old single malt whiskey is pale gold in color and carries a rich fruit flavor combined with a toffee finish.  It was so smooth; we really enjoyed it.  Their “Bradan Orach” whiskey is their classic golden-amber whiskey.   It is rich, delicate and full of vanilla flavor.  What a wonderful end of the day treat!  Finally, Speyburn brings you a 25 year old single malt whiskey that is a tried and true treasure.  It matures white oak ex-bourbon and sherry casks and as a result the beverage carries a rich dry long lasting flavor vanilla and fruits.  The aroma is amazing: oak, spice, honey, citrus and carries a golden, light amber hue.

Are you a true whiskey enthusiast? Join Speyburn’s whiskey community called “Clan Speyburn”.  You will religiously receive their newsletter, special offers and their welcome pack comes with your very own Speyburn pin.  What a wonderful way to share your whiskey experience with other’s who appreciate it as you do.  For more information on the rich history of Speyburn, or how to purchase their fine products please visit speyburn.com.

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