Melodysusie Nail Drill

Nowadays no one wants to go anywhere they don’t have to for fear of germs and getting sick.   If you are someone who would just rather do your nails at home you may want to check out this awesome Melodysusie Nail Drill I was sent to try out.

I was sent the Sparkle Pro Rechargeable Nail Drill (35,000 RPM).  I was a little worried it would be hard to use; totally NOT the case!  It has this awesome LED screen and is easily rechargeable.  I had no problem utilizing on both hands!  It runs very quietly and super smooth.  This is also a great option to bring along with you to a nail salon if you are worried about using a product that only is used on your hands.

Here is how you use it:

First you easily insert the bit and lock it in place.  You rotate the on/off knob to turn on and can control the speed easily as well.  You can also change the rotating direction of the drill bit if needed.  You can remove the bit when finished for easy storage/next use.  It comes with various drill bits for any need you may have.

This is a great gift option for the upcoming holidays!  The products are also available on Amazon!