Mindscent Aromatherapy for Kids

School has just started and so many kids have trouble concentrating.  It has been a rocky 18 months full of uncertainty and absolutely no stable schedule.  I am happy to report we are getting back on track with routine in my school district but who knows what will happen in the winter months.

Mindscent Aromatherapy Kit will help your child ages 5 and up (or really any adult too!) with communication, memory and even speech.  The easy to use box contains 20 essential oils and fact cards.  They do NOT contain any alcohol and are totally safe for your skin.  Therapists, teachers and family members can help engage conversation, stimulate appetite, and even re-teach sensory skills through scents.  I love how easy it is to use a scent on the smelling strips and immediately a memory or important thought triggers in your mind.  Think Alzheimer’s therapy as well!

The cost is $168.00 and I think a great option for so many professional careers/schools/homes.  I have personally been using the samples in the box we have to assist in relaxing at night (when kids have trouble winding down) and stimulating energy boost for homework time.  Product is made in the USA and really is a collection of real-life authentic aromas.

Check this very unique product out!