Merlot Skin Care

I am always looking for a new skin care nightly routine.  I put my face through the ringer; running to and fro in a non-stop pressure cooker to get my office work done, my kids to their schooling/activities and still put a semi-decent meal on the table.  At the end of the night, the last thing on earth I am thinking about is a 3 step cleansing routine: UNTIL NOW.  Merlot Skin Care has truly woo’d me; the power of grape seed antioxidants will fight right through the harm and pollution that is part of our daily “out in the world” routine.  Red grapes seeds contain antioxidants that pack double the punch of vitamins E and C and this skin care line is improving my skin day after day.  I start my process with Merlot’s “Cleanser”.  I adore how it is soap free (so non-drying) and you can use it in such small amounts.  Apply, rinse and pat dry.  Next up is my favorite part of the process: Merlot’s “Hydrating Toner”.  I could go on for hours about how much I adore its fragrance; it is a fruity and floral lavender yumminess that you apply after cleansing.  My husband says he loves my “scent before bed”.  Finally, to seal the deal Merlot’s “Moisturizer”.  I apply this wonderfully rich moisturizer after the toner.  Sometimes I even apply under my morning make-up.  I feel soft and hydrated without the oil and I know the grape seed oil is preventing unnecessary wrinkling.  Please visit for the Company’s complete list of products and to purchase with free shipping on orders over $50.00!

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