Mezzi fashion and technology designer handbags

From the Mezzi Brand Group that brought you high quality aluminum ABS laptop cases, designer handbags and more, comes the perfect combo product. Now you can buy a designer clutch, bag, or tote that is manufactured to support your technology needs. From tech pockets to protect each device from scratches or worse, to incorporated devices, Mezzi fulfills more than just your basic “carry my wallet and keys” purpose.

Each purse comes in genuine leather with a tech charger that can charge your phone or other mobile device multiple times before it needs charging itself. In addition to the 5,000 mAh charger, the Ameli and Nerina models also have an integrated TrackR system that connects wireless with your smartphone, which could help you find your lost or stolen bag. It definitely works in close range (let’s say up to 100 ft), but has less reliability at longer distances due to its use of Crowd GPS rather than satellite GPS. Check out more about TrackR on their website

The smaller Carezza and Mini Cosima models have a 4,000 mAh charger, and incorporate other technologies in place of the TrackR (which you can add yourself if you want to). You can still connect them wirelessly with your smartphone, but with these bags, there’s a Bluetooth speaker, and a call & message notification feature. There’s one more component, and it’s my favorite. These bags come with an in-bag light. I can’t tell you how many times I have to walk into a room that has better lighting, or hold my purse under the light to try to find what I’m looking for. Having the in-bag light is extremely handy, and though I know it probably means I’m not as hip in the tech world, it’s still the number one perk for me. My next favorite attribute is the charger, if I can remember to charge the bag!

In the end, Mezzi bags’ fusion of fashion and technology is really an extension of form and function. Whether Mezzi is right for you really depends on what function you need from your accessory bag, and of course, your price range. “Designer,” genuine leather, and technology all in one means it will be expensive compared to a run of the mill purse, but even so, they are less expensive than other designer bags that don’t offer the same technological accoutrements.

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