Angostura Bitters

I kinda said for the New Year we would skip the cocktails and try to be healthier.  Well….I mean no one is perfect.  I am trying some new weekend cocktails; enjoying the thrill of mixing a new recipe and being a grown up.  Angostura bitters truly add a wonderful dynamic to a yummy Friday night spirit.  Now here is a cool fact; this bitters recipe was actually created to cure the stomach ailment of soldiers back in the 1800’s.  So cool that it enhances drink recipes still today.

I was a little apprehensive about trying out the whole “bitters” thing.  Boy was I thrilled I took the plunge.  It pretty much adds a little flavor and a yummy aroma to your favorite classic beverage.  I was sent a wonderful entertaining set that included champagne flutes, original bitters, orange bitters (super awesome by the way), a shaker to get the party started and some cool recipe cards.  The hubby tried the bitters in his mainstay “old-fashioned” while I went right for a great Northern Lights drink that includes Angostura (Rum), syrup, lemon juice cranberry jam, Angostura Bitters and chilled champagne.  This will be the signature drink at my next gathering I can tell you that much.  Simply delicious!  I was so excited to see that these products can also be used in food prep!  This week I am for sure trying out a Marsala Mushroom Casserole and I feel like Cranberry-Orange Pecan Bread is absolutely in order for the weekend!  Love Love Love that we tried something new; something that really isn’t new after all but a necessity here now!

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