Michel et Augustin

I love me a new snack that has me feeling like I’ve traveled somewhere abroad.  Check out Michel et Augustin and be instantly transported to Paris!  These are quite honestly the most delicious cookies I think I’ve ever tried and the best part – they only contain simple and quality ingredients.  Check out a few of the wonderful items my family is sampling:

Dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt:  These are individually wrapped shortbread cookies with a dark chocolate ganache.  No artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives.  They are made with real butter yet portioned so you don’t go overboard.

Milk chocolate and melty caramel: ok; these are literally heaven.  They have this amazing layer of gooey caramel and the perfect amount of creamy milk chocolate.  Same deal as above; nothing artificial (only the good stuff).

Croissant Chips: these are so different and so awesome.  They are snack sized puff pastry baked perfectly crispy.  They are made with real butter and the ones I tried have an amazing topping of sweet cinnamon sugar.  Again, sized perfectly so you don’t go overboard.  I am totally putting these out for dessert at my next mom night.  They also offer a great plain option in these.

You absolutely MUST check these out!