Essential Oils For Everyday Use!

Essential Oil use is kind of taking over my life these days; I always kind of dabbled but now more than ever I am on the hunt for holistic options to “ward off the bad” that is all around us.

Check out Everyday Essentials Guidebook for literally everything you need to know!  This is a beautiful 288 page glossy book that will help you know how to use essential oils safely and effectively.  It will walk you through ailments you may be suffering from and great oil protocols to help you cope.  There is a great section up front that teaches you how to dilute them, diffuse them, use topically, internally and even in food!  The book walks you through different ailments and offers relief.  What are the best oils for weight loss? This book will tell you.  How to deal with stress or emotions?  There is a section with great oily ideas!  The book is a major steal at $25.00.  I also really like Everyday Essentials A-Z Guide that a great quick reference guide you can take with you anywhere so you are always prepared.

Your oil tools is basically a great website to get yourself started.  These books are available there as well! They offer the vials and rollers you will need to make your blends.  How about an amazing aroma bracelet to combine your favorite scent and style all in one.  I love putting a nice calming blend on my bracelet and heading to the office.  So many great DIY books as well!  On the next rainy weekend my daughter and I are going to make some bath bombs and lip balms together.  Oh and don’t get me started on how awesome the tea drops are (and how convenient they are to enjoy on the go/at the office/in the car etc).  I love all these natural options.  This website really is an amazing resource and one stop shopping to get you started.

Please check all this awesome ideas out and kick start your essential oil journey like I did!