Milford, Pennsylvania – Hiking, Dining, and Small Town

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Tom Quick Inn

Milford, Pennsylvania, is a charming town situated in the heart of rural Pennsylvania. Despite its remote location, it has become known as a hidden gem in the Poconos, nestled in the northeastern corner far from the more familiar areas like Mount Pocono. Geographically, Milford occupies a unique position at the intersection of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

A Picturesque Main Street

The town itself exudes a quaint and picturesque atmosphere, with its centerpiece being the main street, named Broad Street. As you stroll along this enchanting street, you’ll be greeted by adorable shops and architectural delights. Milford is part of a collection of small, quaint towns reminiscent of New England, including New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Saratoga Springs, New York. Its streets and side streets are adorned with beautifully designed Victorian-style houses, as if straight out of a Hallmark movie set.

A Revival Led by the Milford Hospitality Group

In recent years, Milford has experienced a revitalization, which has gained momentum during the Covid pandemic. Spearheading this resurgence is the Milford Hospitality Group, a dedicated team acquiring and enhancing properties throughout the town. Their common thread? A commitment to high-end, high-quality development. Their motivation stems from a deep sense of caring for the town, recognizing its potential to make a difference beyond merely running a family empire.


La Posada and Felix's Cantina in Milford, Pennsylvania
La Posada and Felix’s Cantina

Authentic Mexican Cuisine at La Posada & Felix’s Cantina

One of the noteworthy properties within the Milford Hospitality Group is La Posada & Felix’s Cantina. La Posada Milford is a newly-renovated boutique hotel. It includes Felix’s Cantina, an authentic Mexican restaurant that takes pride in serving genuine Yucatán-style cuisine, prepared with recipes passed down through centuries. Dining here is a far cry from a fast-food chain like Taco Bell; it offers a unique and culturally rich experience. The hotel itself carries a Mexican theme, featuring Mexican tiles and decorations that create an ambiance of authenticity. Tucked away on the other side of town, the hotel provides a perfect base for those interested in hiking and exploring nature throughout the Delaware Water Gap. The entrance to the trails is just next door. La Posada specifically aims to create the most authentic Mexican experience possible, given its location in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Meal at Felix's Cantina
Meal at Felix’s Cantina


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Hotel Fauchere

A Historic Gem: Hotel Fauchère

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the historic Hotel Fauchère, located right on Broad Street. This iconic building boasts a rich history, from its renowned Delmonico Room to a fascinating anecdote involving the signing of the paperwork that formed the National Park Service on the back of a napkin. Staying at Hotel Fauchère offers a postcard-worthy experience, with a porch to relax on and exquisite dining options. During our visit, we had the pleasure of breakfasting at the hotel and even had the opportunity to meet the chef, who was revamping the menu. In the basement, the hotel launched a dynamic service menu at the bar Louis, further enhancing the guest experience.

Tom Quick Inn: Embodying Authentic Milford

Joining these historic hotels is the Tom Quick Inn (pictured at top), a high-end American inn, offering a similar commitment to quality. Think of the Tom Quick as an extremely fancy bed and breakfast establishment, with its own distinct feel. The Tom Quick Inn embodies the authentic Milford experience. Despite their differences, these three hotels share a common goal: to provide the best experience possible. The entire team, welcoming and open to ideas, suggestions, and criticisms, strives to offer an exceptional stay.

Authenticity and Quality Beyond the Hotels

Beyond the hotels, Milford continues to weave the thread of authenticity and quality throughout its offerings. The Milford Theater, part of the Milford Hospitality Group, hosts a variety of shows catering to diverse tastes, ranging from performances by the Bacon Brothers to popular Dave Matthews cover bands that the local clientele loves. The Jive Bar and Lounge, a transformed car garage, showcases local bands and talent while reflecting its automotive history through cool decorations.

Another notable venue is the Apple Valley restaurant, surrounded by expansive grounds that resemble a county fairground, perfect for hosting flea markets or apple festivals. If you’ve ever experienced the charm of New Hope, Pennsylvania, Milford’s Apple Valley is akin to a miniature version of New Hope’s Peddler’s Village. The Milford Theater and the Apple Valley restaurant are integral parts of the Milford Hospitality Group’s vision, providing entertainment and culinary delights for visitors.

The Tapestry of Milford Experience

Milford can best be understood as a tapestry where all these elements converge. The Milford Hospitality Group operates a trolley service, offering a convenient means of transportation throughout the town. The trolley acts as a guide, connecting visitors to major sites and further enhancing the overall Milford experience. This trolley is a literal vehicle but really does emphasize the metaphor of this tapestry, constantly weaving throughout the town like a needle.

Preserving History and Quality

The true essence of the Milford experience is encapsulated in their commitment to quality. Their website states that they are “dedicated to restoring our town’s landmark properties and protecting its historic culture.” This dedication serves as the core narrative of their story. The historical significance of places like Hotel Fauchère, where Gifford Pinchot and Teddy Roosevelt supposedly sketched out the plan for the national park on a dinner napkin, reflects the deep-rooted history present in Milford.

milford pa 4View of Milford, from the Knob

An Idyllic Town for Adventure and Exploration

When you witness the town of Milford itself, it becomes evident why these efforts to connect the dots and elevate the area have taken shape. Every house exudes historical beauty, while Broad Street stands as a picturesque centerpiece. Additionally, Milford’s location on the banks of the Delaware River, coupled with its abundance of hiking trails, positions it as an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Its natural beauty and central location make it a prime base for exploring the Delaware River Gap area.

A Revamped Milford for a Fulfilling Experience

Milford is a town in need that hasn’t gotten the focus it deserves. Similar to towns like Corning, New York; Brattleboro, Vermont; and New Hope, Pennsylvania, it possesses historic downtown centers and stunning architecture. Milford’s allure lies in its appeal to those seeking a historic atmosphere, a day filled with hiking adventures, and evenings indulging in fine dining experiences. The three hotels, with their intertwined restaurants and close ties to the neighborhood, serve as the intersection of these desires. In the coming years, Milford has the potential to become a comprehensive vacation destination, offering an all-encompassing experience that fulfills diverse goals while maintaining a commitment to quality.

A Memorable Milford Experience Awaits

Milford, Pennsylvania, is a town undergoing a revival driven by a commitment to quality and authenticity. Its quaint streets, historic architecture, and natural surroundings make it an appealing destination. Led by the Milford Hospitality Group, the town aims to become a comprehensive vacation spot, combining history, outdoor activities, and exceptional dining experiences. Hiking trails, such as the Milford Knob Trail, provide opportunities for exploration, while the hotels and other establishments maintain a focus on quality and authenticity, ensuring a memorable visit for all.