As a working mother, when I first had my children it was super stressful to nurse and go to the office.  I honestly blamed my job for the fact that I had to give it up after two months because my milk supply dwindled so much.  Enter this great new product we found here at;

Milkmakers is a company run by woman who had my similar frustration and brought her knowledge of lactation cookies to life.  Seriously people: this is a cookie that is delicious (I tried one!) and gives a mommy the boost she needs.  Oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed make the magic happen!  Honestly; how convenient is it to be able to tote a cookie in your purse to eat during your workday and boost your lactation abilities!  Flavors include “oatmeal chocolate chip”, “oatmeal raisin”, and “oatmeal raisin dairy free”.  They really are yummy I promise you.  Side note: you can order a subscription so you never run out!  I also tried out their great “Lactation Teas” which are caffeine free herbals teas that also boost your milk supply with their combo of nettles, fennel, and oat straw botanical.  I tried the coconut flavor which I adore.  Original also available.  Check these fantastic items out here:

milkmaker cookie milkmaker tea


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