Miniso’s Latest for Marvel

So far, every time a new Disney show comes out, it has become a movie night in my house for my family and my nephews and nieces. Whether it is WandaVision, Loki, or Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we religiously watch them every night that they broadcast.

Maybe I should be concerned about our addiction!

Anyway, Miniso came out with a line of Marvel products, and I absolutely love the design and style of them. Miniso has this unique style that you’ll find throughout their products. It has a funny and quirky angle to it as compared to the normal traditional comic book style.


What you see in the photo is their new beach towel, ceramic mug, pillow pet, and thor face mask. But my personal favorite is the wireless charger in the form of the hulk.

My daughter on the other hand, thought her favorite was the the Captain America pillow pet and called it “a perfect cuddle for movie night.”


The mug now holds my hot chocolate.


I want you to know once you’re going to get one MIniso, it’s quite the collectible, and you’re going to want to keep the same style. Or at least, I will because I love things to match. Plus, kids love to collect items and keeping this in their style, so it can quickly become an addiction. These are absolutely adorable and perfect for any Marvel movie night family.

Check them out on Amazon.