Unique Ideas to get your Husband on Fathers Day

Father’s Day drives me nuts as it’s the time I have to buy my husband a Father’s Day present even though he sorta drops the ball on Mother’s Day.  But I still try to raise the bar and lead by example and find something much better for my husband than just a generic tie.

Maybe I should get him a tie, but I decided to be a good wife and get him some really unique stuff for Father’s Day.

Here’s my list of unique ideas to get your husband on Father’s Day.

Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse Massage Hand Held


I got my husband this for one reason. To prove how easy it is to install a shower head. He really wanted a nicer shower head but always complained that handiwork is too hard. Well this much improved shower head took my about 5 minutes to install and I never did such a thing.  Even better, this is really a nice and strong shower head which really easily turns into a hand held one.













Kuru Footwear
The Roam is the most comfortable set of shoes you’ll buy. These shoes look great, but they also are super and unbelievably comfortable.  They are certainly worth the investment and I love that they look much more professional than just wearing silly sneakers.












I love the look of moccasins on a man and these are such good house shoes. I love leaving the shoes at the door and these are so comfortable for just walking around the house.  Do you use house shoes yourself? Plus these shoes are on sale for memorial day so a bit of a deal.











Rovr Keeper


The Keeper is the coolest cooler you’ll ever want and need. It’s a mobile bar, it’s a wine cooler. Basically if you’re having a party in the backyard, this is the cool cooler you’ll want and be the envy of all your friends.












Zulay Kitchen makes kitchen gadgets that you’ll want but never buy yourself.  The lemon squezer and garlic press are like high end gadgets that he will use and brag to his friends. Now the question is, do I really need these many lemons squeezed?










StayFine makes custom products and you can see we used this wallet as the example.  Now, the quality is super high end and I feel like most custom products are sadly low quality. Not these!  This wallet is one he’ll love but now you can put the last name or even the site he works for!












Hawthorne has custom bathing products. The challenge for a present is guessing all of the questions right for your hubby, but maybe let him answer for you. Or do what I did and just smile and ask him random questions while talking to him!

But the quality is really high end. So customizable with quality is a great combo.









Underwear Expert

High Quality underwear and customized for you. Does your man want to wear better than the usual briefs? Well over dinner ask him a few questions and you can get him the best underwear and customized. Maybe he wants to try new underwear every week! Here’s his chance!











succulents box


Succulents Box

Succulents Box is running a special right now on their succulents pack. These are great for an office and if you get the 10 pack I found them to be higher quality and a better value than you’ll find in your local box store.  What you see is the four pack and they were all packed rather well and were really high quality.