Maya’s Vegan Cookies for the Holidays

image of two tins of mayas cookies and a mayas cookies diy cookie decorating kit

Maya’s Cookies has a great selection of delicious gourmet vegan cookies. One flavor is tastier than the next.

They have custom packaging available, which I like. You can order the birthday tin, regular tin, or gift box. They even have different event options for other tins such as congratulations, thank you, and more. The gift box is the perfect gift for the vegan in your life.

You can order a subscription with the Cookie Love Club. Cool gift for someone that loves surprises and vegan cookies.

Maya’s Cookies are also wheat free. Check out the different cookie collections or order your favorites.

Look for the gingerbread decorating kit coming out for the holidays. The Do-It-Yourself cookie decorating kit activity is a fun activity to do with the kids during the holidays.

The company was founded in 2015 by Maya Madsen. Maya’s Cookies is America’s #1 Black-Owned Gourmet Vegan Cookie Company. As a vegan with a sweet tooth, she wanted to create that perfect recipe for a soft baked gourmet vegan cookie because she wasn’t able to find one that she loved.

Now, everyone in the United States can try Maya’s Cookies as they ship nationwide. Simply order as a treat for yourself or as a gift.