Mountaineer Beard Care

The winter weather brings about winter facial hair for the man in my life.  Usually as the leaves fall off the trees he starts growing his beard.  We usually make fun of him a little bit saying he is “trying to be Santa”.  Anyhow, so with the growth of the beard comes the growth of the manly grooming products on the bathroom counter.

I am happy to say with this review gig I have going we get the pleasure of trying out the best of the best in all consumer areas.  And products by Mountaineer Brand are truly the best of the best! The company carries beard and mustache care, body care, shaving needs and more.  These are all natural products that the CEO takes very seriously.  Losing both his wife and mother to cancer truly opened his eyes to potential dangers that artificial additives can bring into the products that we use everyday.

The complete beard care kit comes with everything you need.   For just under $30.00 you get beard wash, beard oil, beard balm and a brush all wrapped up in this cute burlap bag that makes this a great presentation as a holiday gift!  First, we tried the beard wash.  This is a liquid castile soap that will not try out your beard of the natural oils like other products might.  It is full of essential oils and the scent is just perfect.  Not too strong and not too weak.  Next up after giving the beard a proper bath, is the beard oil.  This is the perfect conditioner.  I cannot get over how soft his beard is!  Since it is getting so cold out and skin is so dry now, the beard balm is the perfect remedy.  My guy applies this at night; it is repairing the dryness of the hairs and he is experiencing no itch whatsoever.  The scent in our kit is a cedar smell that is very woodsy and perfect.  It also comes in citrus and peppermint and I must say if they are as delightful as the cedar you are in great hands regardless of your choice!

These products are pure pampering!  Give your man this great gift for the holidays!  A happy beard is a happy guy!

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