Greenerways Are Perfect For My Family!

Even though it is totally getting colder out, we still see the bugs on the late fall camping trips.  My kid is coming up on her big graduation trip which involves camping and team building.  I am totally an indoor-type girl and immediately start panicking with what we are going to send with her on this trip to keep her clean and safe.  I know for sure that one absolutely necessary product going into that bag is bug spray from Greenerways!

These products are all organic and all-natural.  In a world where we see a laundry list of chemicals in our repellents, I am so happy to finally have found one that doesn’t make the hair stand up on my arms and I google every chemical or “big word” on the bottle.  We are checking out two products from their awesome lineup in this house and I must share them so you all stop what you are doing and scoop them up right now so you are ready for your next excursion.

First up – the DEET-free all-natural, organic insect and mosquito repellent.  Trust me; I read up prior to use.  This is a product that has been tested for everything and anything harmful and has passed with flying colors!  It is based on the use of essential oils and totally effective against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and more.  You absolutely need this for camping, hiking, the beach, sports events, and more.  It has this great citrus scent – how many times have you used a bug spray and it smells like gasoline or something so gross you are worrying more than you were before using anything? Oh; and a big plus – it does NOT stain clothing.  I have fallen victim so many times to have used bug spray and this oily substance appears on my kids’ clothes.  And it never comes out.  This product comes in a convenient 4oz spray bottle as well as a family-size 12 oz spray bottle.  I personally have both.  One for the closet and one for the tote bag that travels with me.  Oh, and another for my daughter’s trip luggage (LOL).

We also have the company’s All Natural Mosquito Bite-Free Zone.  This is an amazing, super easy-to-use pouch.  You fill it with water and it is ready to go within two hours.  It is perfect for backyards, campsites, sports venues,  hunting grounds, and more.  It is totally non-toxic and safe.  It lasts for a whole week.  Think about all the things you do in the yard; practice sports, There is no clean-up, no issues and it works for a 100-foot radius.  Simply amazing!

I love this company and you will too!  This is a no-brainer.  Safe/organic/all-natural and you are all set ahead of time for whatever adventure your busy schedule takes you!

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