Move Beyond Workout Gear Review

COVID has us all with a real lag in our social calendar.  I know in my house we spend a little more time now outdoors exercising (biking, walking, running).  This may be the one “breath of fresh air” that has come out of this horrendous 8 months.  I just had the best and most comfortable workout clothes on the planet land in my lap and I wanted to share them with you.

Move Beyond is this great company that brings you crazy comfort.  This is not just gym gear but “ALL DAY” gear.  Each item is so super soft and you kind of feel like you are wearing nothing at all.  The more comfortable you are, the more you can move and the more healthier you become.

The High-Rise Leggings are like butter.  Very flattering and the stretch is amazing.  They do not slip down and you move around like so many other brands.  Color options include pink, purple, grey, black and blue and cost $65.99.  You will never look back.  Shorts are also available.

The H Vest Sport Bra is legit all day comfort.  I’m not small up top so bra’s like this always worry me.  This is full coverage and full support.  It has a great scoop neck and a strong racerback. I actually wore this under my clothes all day yesterday and was totally fine.  Colors options are the same as the leggings and it will cost you $39.99.

The Crop Sweat T-Shirt is actually my teenage daughters new favorite shirt.  She loves it for her dance classes.  It is made from this super soft jersey knit fabric and the front wrap detail makes it the perfect transition piece from working out to heading out.  Color options are black, grey, pink and blue and the price is $39.99.  You simply must check out this great line of workout clothes and you will be in love!  Great holiday gifts as well!