Mr. Burlap Pocket Squares

Now that the World has opened up again and we can go out and celebrate weddings/birthdays/graduations with our families we  are all revamping our dressy clothes wardrobe.  Let’s face it; we all didn’t wear anything but sweats for a year and now we need new styles/sizing etc.

Here is a great accessory for the man in your life to spruce up his suit.  Mister Burlap is a “rugged yet refined” option.  Why burlap? Well because it is rugged and will immediately be noticed.    They offer some pretty cool color options like blues/greys/tans and then some even brighter like purple and red!  We have the crimson pocket square and it will be perfect for our 4th of July celebration.   My hubby was also thrilled with Jute; a neutral tan color that will match so many of his shirts/suits.  You can also wear them in so many different ways and basically dress up or down your ensemble.  They can be easily purchased right on Amazon , Etsy or even Ebay.  The pricing is around $15 making fashion totally affordable!

These are super different; basically my husband is starting a new local trend at our “finally leave the house” family soire!  Check them out!