New Products to Stop Evil Mosquitos

 I particularly hate mosquitoes as they seem to be on the hell-bent mission to search for me and my body.  I cannot emphasize enough how frustrating I find it that mosquitoes are biting me and only me and avoid the rest of the room. I know that I might sound paranoid, but sadly, this is the reality. Mosquitoes, in particular have an underlying and passionate love to just bite my pale- ass vampire body.


Without further ado, here are three natural products that I hope will protect me from evil vampire flies known as mosquitoes.


The first are citronella candles from my most favorite named candle company, Malicious Women. If for no other reason, you will probably want to get these candles because of the name. I feel like there are so many citronella candles out there one needs a distinguishing factor and this awesome company philosophy and awesome name stands out to me as a rather big factor.


The second thing you’ll see in the photo is the selection from Murphy’s Naturals. I’ve actually used Murphy’s growing up and it gives me a sense of comfort and warmth to protect me from the evil bloodsucking bastards known as mosquitoes. It’s almost like the comforting hug of a grandmother as we are begging her to protect you from the flying leeches of death.


Lastly, is another well-named product called Dr. Killigans Fly Swatter. Oh wait, I get it, :kill again”. I have no idea what inspired somebody to have this much passionate rage to create a fly swatter such as this. This is the type of fly swatter created by somebody on a hellbent mission to destroy anything flying yet look good doing it. Whoever created this fly swatter as a person who has seen troubles involving insects and now is releasing their passionate rage on the universe.


Take a peek and tell me which of these you like yourself.