Mr. Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn: Back After Long Winter’s Nap

I am a Christmas book enthusiast.  I have this crazy collection of books I’ve been acquiring since I am a child and every year the big (and getting bigger) basket sits among our fireplace decor.  My children now adore this tradition and we read the books nightly through December.  I am happy to add “Mr. Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn: Back After Long Winter’s Nap” to our collection this Christmas.  Such a terrific time was had reading this as a family yesterday evening.  This book, written in 1898 by author Albert Bigelow Paine, is rich in history.  It has been republished in November 2o15 to include new and adorably detailed illustrations (by Adam McCauley).  The gold foil embossed cover actually gives it the antique look and feel that the novel deserves to have!  The story is absolutely perfect: Mr. Dog has the big task of informing and teaching the animals of Hollow Tree Inn about the Christmas traditions human-style.  My kids loved his descriptions of Santa Claus and all the holiday magic he brings.  The story is entertaining, traditional which I adored and kept the kids interested.  Both joined in on sharing the reading; everyone couldn’t wait to hear more page by page.  It even sparked holiday conversation once we were finished reading about traditions in our own family.  Please visit for more information.

Mr. dog's christmas mr dog christmas 2

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