Muffin Top Beer Glass

Father’s Day is next up on the horizon.  It is time for us to honor that important man in our life.  My hubby loves himself a lager.  What better way to celebrate him but with a Muffin Top Beer Glass.  For just under $15.00 you get yourself a great, stackable 16 oz glass.  I have to tell you; it is the perfect shape to hold!  This is the glass you will use EVERY TIME you pour yourself a stout.  Here is the deal: this is a nucleated, laser etched pint glass.  This means there will be the perfect equation and steady stream of C02 bubbles which means a proper “beer head” and delicious aroma and taste.  I think the best thing about this glass is it’s durability.  Think beer, cider even soda!  This glass works for them all!  This is perfect grip, perfect sip, perfect glass.

Also available is their awesome hydrometer sets.  You can brew your own spirits at home and amaze yourself with chemistry skills.  We all have extra time on our hands these days; why not take advantage and almost be your own cocktail barista?   Brewing America truly has all we need to get through this crazy pandemic.

Speaking of pandemic – they even offer make your own hand sanitizer tips!  Don’t think I didn’t print them out and debate making my own!

Be well and have yourself a nice lager!

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