MundusPro – Clean Your Stuff

Mundus ProAt this point, our house has basically turned into a covid-ready fortress.  When you exit the house, you grab a mask and some alcohol wipes.  That’s standard. This  might become the new standard on your return.

This little box can basically disinfect two phones in the body as well as charge the phone with it’s Qi charging.

Internally, there’s enough room for two devices, but you can also throw in your keys or anything else.

For the charging side, it’s basically not much more than a few Qi charging pads so if you have a wireless charging phone or the such, this can fill that role.

For the primary role, that is the disinfection, I loved that it had this timing feature.  It goes in 2 minute cycles rotating between UV light and all of it’s cool methods to kill viruses.

It really is what’s under the hood that makes the difference.  I’ve seen a lot of UV light cleaners but this gets all sides and they’ve done their homework to make it one stop shopping for cleaning multiple devices sufficiently.

Will this be a normal process in coming home?  Is this the new standard of what to do with your phone when you get home?

Check out the Mundus Pro.