Avenova Lid & Lash Solution

Every January I try and do a little more to “improve me”.  This year of all year’s I need some “real help”.  We’ve all been snacking for months now and missing all of our spa appointments.  But I must say, that has also inspired us to do our treatments at home.  If you are like me and wear contacts, you may suffer from irritation or dry eyes from time to time.  Also, these days we really want to avoid touching our eyes/nose/face so anything we can do to treat these little ailments ahead of time to avoid having to touch our face when out and about is probably best.  Avenova is a simple antimicrobial spray to treat your lids and lashes really easily from home.  All I do is spray this on a cotton pad and then rub around my eyes, lashes and lids in the morning and again at night.  Since I am a big eye makeup person I think this is really a great solution to the blemishes I sometimes get as a result of application etc.  This product contains Hypochlorous Acid which your body uses to fight off toxins and inflammation.  And…it is made right here in the USA.

This product really speaks my language being non-toxic, antimicrobial and non-sensitive.  I use it daily now and have no inflammation, redness or irritation.  The spray does not sting or upset your face in anyway.  Happy New Year to your most important part of your face – Your eyes!

You can also easily grab it up on Amazon and Walmart.  Super convenient to purchase this amazing product that will really help you!