My Magic Globe

I would recommend this product to anyone who loves to find the fun in normal everyday activities. The Magic Globe makes such a simple everyday task like getting a drink of water a fun experience, as you can enjoy the simplicity of a glass cup while also falling in love with the glitter and little characters found inside! The design is very sleek and simplistic, and is a generally pleasant sight. It is insulated very well, and is great for both hot and cold drinks. The packaging was cute and aesthetically pleasing, which personally made the experience of opening up the box and feeling the anticipation just that much more magical for me. It can hold up to 13 fluid ounces, which I find is just the perfect size for a product of this nature. When I’m not using the Magic Globe to hold my drinks, I certainly do use it to hold my papers on my desk. It is such a fun sight to see and shake up every now and then, especially in under stimulating work environments. I can honestly say that I would recommend this product to a friend. It is such a well made and interesting product, and I can’t wait to see more from this company in the future. I will definitely be purchasing other products from Magic Globe again soon.