Dabble & Dollop Bath Products

How about some great stocking stuffer ideas for your little ones?!?  My kids love taking a cozy bath with a nice bath bomb – these are all the trend right now!

Dabble & Dollop brings simple amazing USA made shampoos, conditioners, bubble baths and bath bombs.  You can really mix/create/enjoy bath time again!  If we learned anything this year it was to take the time to savor the small stuff!  Their products use 10 or fewer ingredients (plant=based) and are all high quality and safe.  They are certified tear free, gluten free, vegan and come in recycled containers.  Oh…and they smell great!

Here is what we are loving:

Soak Like Santa Christmas Gift Box ($36):  This box helps you celebrate the season with red white and green colors!  You get a 3 in 1 shampoo, a bubble bath and a body wash along with their neat mixing bowl.  You can use this to create your own unique scent and combinations.

Holiday Bath Bomb Set ($16-144):  here you get yourself red and white alternating bath bombs in strawberry and vanilla scents.  You can use them alone or mix together for an amazing strawberry shortcake experience!  You can set the price based upon how many you want in the box.  We received a perfect sized box of six but you can decide (1-12).

I just want to mention for the record this I personally used the honeydew bath gel last week and LOVED the smell and the soft, creamy feel of the product.

Check them out!