My Pipers Boxer Shorts For Girls!

You simply must check out these amazing boxer shorts for girls from My Pipers.  Yup you read that correctly – boxer shorts for girls.  These are underwear that your child will actually want to wear and not give you a hard time at all.  Think loungewear, playwear, sleepwear, underwear, the beach and more!  I had to immediately unbox them and check them out for myself.  These are made with this super soft organic cotton that are actually tailored to fit under skirts and dresses!  Just from the feel of them alone I would comfortably say that even the pickiest or most sensitive kid would have no problem wearing these.

They are basically shorter than normal boxer shorts with no open fly in the front.  They give you more coverage and work perfectly with leggings and tights.  I think they are a great option for leaving the beach throwing them on with a t-shirt and being super comfy for the car ride home.  They are also an AMAZING option for use at gymnastics and dance to carefully cover your child when she is flipping and twirling.  Very breathable for the warm weather as well!

I think these are very unique and worth checking out for yourself.