The Habit Nest Journals

I am very excited I found these journals!   They are actually a game changer. I’m reading and recording my daily progress in three journals – 

  1. morning sidekick, 
  2. the gratitude sidekick and 
  3. sleep evening routine sidekick journal                                

Each journal claims it takes five minutes a day however when I started reading them I didn’t want to put them down. They all stress accountability and daily progress.   I realized the importance of holding myself accountable especially being self employed .

Just touching on each one for a moment. The morning sidekick journal stresses how we should create healthy habits and why.    I love how it starts out asking what your dream life should be. It’s very interactive because you write your thoughts in the journals as well. Healthy habits start with routines and consistency and writing things down on paper reinforces the importance of following healthy habits.   I love the motivating content and it goes on for 66 days because they say habits take that long to build. 

The gratitude sidekick journal goes over affirmations, challenges, tips and examples.  Sometimes it’s about your perception and this definitely helps you build an optimistic mindset and it’s very engaging and inspiring every day.

The sleep and evening routine sidekick journal was the first one I read.  It is very important to create a bedtime routine and get enough sleep in order to be more productive in your work or in your schooling.  

All three journals have pro tips, affirmations, daily challenges, and some food for thought. I really look forward to seeing how these books progress and help me be consistent and help me face my challenges, as well as assisting me with staying on track with my goals.