My Skin Is FRÉ and I Feel Great About It!

image of tube, spray can, and spray bottle of FRE skincare products

See what I did there with my title. I am trying out a wonderfully refreshing new skincare line called FRÉ, which is actually “freeing” my skin up from the dry and flaky winter skin.

This line of products was born to cater to active women. It takes fully into account the damage that some products do to one’s face when we sweat.  I mean, how many times have you applied sunscreen and headed out for a run on the boardwalk only to have your eyes burning from the lotion sweating down your face.  It hurts and it’s gross.  And this company has thought all about that.

The 123FRÉ Set

Now, my personal skin concerns always center around signs of aging and dryness.  I decided to take a week and test out their 123FRÉ set.  This is a 3-step skin regime that covers items like aging, dry skin, breakouts, as well as damage caused by sweating and activity.  The first step is Protect Me which is a great facial moisturizer that is SPF 30.  I make sure I apply this at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.  The second step is Purify Me. This is a great cleanser that you use daily and right after workouts.  I very easily massage it into my face and rinse it off.  The final step is Revive Me. This is a spray chock full of argan stem cells that you apply and rub into the skin daily.

The set will cost you around $115. Quite honestly, just one week in, my skin is soft, clear, and moisturized no matter what I am doing!

They have other great skin options for detox, glow, etc. You will be in love with the quality.  Oh, and if you get hooked like I am and want to make sure you don’t run out, you can use their handy “set plans.” This way, you will automatically receive the products in a time increment that you establish, and save some money in the process!  For every set sold, the company will plant an Argan Tree.  How fantastic is that!!

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