Spring Break Spa Items = Perfect Easter Basket

I am literally the most last minute person on this planet.  I wrap Christmas gifts on 12/24 and I am still shopping for Easter baskets on Good Friday.  I work hard and it is what it is.

A few items going into my Diva’s Easter basket this year:

Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush:  These awesome Boar/Nylon bristles create amazing volume but minimize the damage. No split ends here!  You get awesome grip on the brush and it is easily available at ULTA.  This brush will run you just under $5.00.

bioClarity’s Zen Ultracalming Serum:  This company is pure plant-based.  Floraflux is their signature ingredient which lights up your skin from within.  What could be better.  These products are free of paraben cruelty, sulfate, gluten and fragrance.  They are also vegan friendly.  I am giving my little lady the ultracalming serum that promotes relaxation and calmness.  If you have red splotch prone skin this is your best friend.  For $29.95 this will brighten and soften skin.

NaturaBrasil Pataua Hair Tonic:  we all damage our hair on a daily basis.  I personally dry the hell out of my hair and always am a little leery of what I am doing via permanent damage.  Pataua Strengthening Hair Tonic is the perfect leave in conditioner full of rich Pataua oil.  No grease just super strength.  All you have to do is nightly massage this product into your scalp without rinsing.  Do this every other day; you will see results in a few weeks time.

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer:  Spring has sprung and quite honestly your nails should reflect this.  This Company’s Spring 2019 line is all petals!  These are soft, pastel colors like “I Feel Flower-Ful” and “Strike A Posie”.  These are true “girly” colors and I personally adore them.  They are available at ULTA and cost around $10.00 a bottle.  They are all fast drying and easy to apply.  What could be a better introduction to Spring!

Love Sun Body Sunscreen:  I can’t even believe how much I adore this sunscreen.  First off – it smells like pure heaven.  This is a 100% natural and vegan friendly product. This product is sweat/water-resistant and absorbs quickly.  There is no “white residue” here.  This is more cosmetics meets preventative and that I take very seriously.  This will cost you around $30.00 for 6 oz of product.

These are all products to pamper ourselves.  Arent you worth it?



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