MyCharge’s Hub Turbo – A Battery Charger For the Family

MyCharge’s Hub Turbo portable power bank is just a very well-designed charger. There are two problems I have with batteries that are immediately solved in this device. The first is that generally speaking, one is forced to carry around both the lightning cord and or a USB-C cord. And the second course is charging it.


You can imagine the takeaway in a scenario that they have both of you spell them, but in away, I think the most mind-blowing part of the story is the fact this is relatively speaking of a revolutionary concept.


I cannot tell you how often I have had a battery and not had a means of charging it or the cord from it. It just seems strange that we are designing batteries, And then forced to have something to go with it to make it function. It’s almost like designing toothbrushes without the bristles because people have different preferences of bristles. Now that might be the case that people have different preferences, but I seriously would not want to go around assembling every time. Especially, unlike the toothbrus, but for a device that you’re carrying in your pocket all the time, having it compact simply makes the most sense.



This is an obvious buy and probably one of the simplest reviews I’ve had to do because it is well designed and makes perfect sense.