Zicam Will Kick Cold Germs To The Curb!

These days all we think about are germs, viruses, vaccines and the inevitable possibility of getting sick.  Anything we can do to prevent this or lessen the severity is top priority on my list!  I have been stocking up on vitamins, adding elderberry; basically anything I can get my hands on.

This week ZICAM fell into my lap and I want to share the awesome products with all of you so you guys are ready too!

Shortening your cold has never tasted better actually!  Rapid Melts are a perfect solution for our busy lives.  These are quick dissolve tablets that you just melt in your mouth.  I have a bottle at work and a bottle at home for convenience.  They are completely non-drowsy by the way.  All you are getting here is tons of ZINC to get you feeling better much quicker.  Elderberry Citrus Rapid Melts are pretty much the same – they melt in your mouth and contain zinc to shorten the cold and elderberry to relieve the symptoms.

Nasal Swabs are pretty much amazing as they both shorten the cold and relieve the symptoms all in a unique, plant-based formula.  The key is using the product when you get the first sign of a dreaded cold.  They are really easy to use; all you do is apply the swab in the first nostril in a circular motion a few times, then re-dip the swab in the tube with the medication and repeat in the same nostril.  Then you do the same process in the other nostril.   Try to not blow your nose for minute and you are good to go.  You can repeat every 3 hours if need be.

Other great products as well!  I’m grabbing their gummies as soon as I run out to the store!  Check them out and be ready for the winter season!