Nanit Pro Camera

image of nanit pro camera box

Attention new parents or those who want to buy an awesome gift for a new parent, Nanit Pro is the baby monitor to beat all other baby monitors. This high-tech camera system actually tracks the baby’s movements and shows you a crystal clear image of what is going on in the crib and all around it. Also, get ready for this – it analyzes your baby’s sleep pattern and quality. Hey…if baby sleeps better, mom and dad sleep better, right?!  And then everything is better, right?!?

Here are our favorite features:

Amazing quality 1080p HD video quality

The app is so easy to use, and you can connect with your baby anywhere you may be. Working moms, you will love this! You can hear your baby and your baby can hear you.

Two simultaneous cameras

It has a sensor-free breathing monitor. I was always worried about my baby’s breathing at night!

It has a white noise and nature sound system—great soothing options for babies.

Built-in nightlight—great for sleep comfort and in the middle of the night changes and feedings.

Price varies depending on Floor Stand, Wall Mount, or Flex Stand ($199-$329). I want to mention how easy to use and install this is!

Check out the Nanit Pro for a great holiday gift!