A Dad’s Gift Guide to Mom Beauty Products

As a dad, we rarely have a good concept of which beauty products our wives would like or not. Usually, it’s a random adventure into a haphazard makeup store, praying for some degree of an accurate choice. So as a guy, I asked my wife, analyzed, and discussed which products interested her the most. Instead of holding your breath for the hit or miss, give these recommended mom beauty products a try.


image of olay hyaluronic + Peptide products

The first on this list is from Olay. Olay is a classic where you can’t really go wrong. What you see in this photo is a mix of their Olay Hyaluronic + Peptide lines. What makes this important? These are the creams that your wife or girlfriend will use every day. It’s the standard that will make her happy. Plus, what I like about these is they are extremely affordable and easy stocking stuffers. Plus, if you don’t know your wife well, this is the standard that you can’t screw up because these are the type of cleansers and hydration stuff that she will use her whole life.


shaklee beauty products for mom

Shaklee recently launched its clean, anti-aging body care collection, formulated to slow the breakdown of collagen for younger, firmer-looking skin. You can use the three products included in this line on their own or in a simple three-step system to keep your skin well-nurtured and deliver nutrition from the outside in. This particular collection is the body ritual trio, which are the three basic products to keep your skin well-nurtured. I am the type of guy who’s quite happy with a bar of hotel soap, so this kind of does elude me, but I do like the concept that they put this all together so it’s very simple shopping. You go, you buy the package, and you’re safe.

MD Glam by Dr. Cat

image of skincare products from md glam

What you see here in this photo is MD Glam by Dr. Cat. This is luxury-grade skin care by plastic surgeon Dr. Cat Begovic in Beverly Hills. This is the kind of thing you buy if you want to get the products that the people in Hollywood do. Again it’s a great package together because I wouldn’t have a clue of what to buy here, but I also love the fact that they’re running some Black Friday specials starting now of up to 40% off. In addition, having this company created and run by a doctor gives it that extra degree of clout.

Clara’s New York

image of skincare serums from claras ny for mom beauty products

Clara’s New York has a set of Super Six Serums. If you’ve noticed a trend in what I’ve written here, I love products where all the homework is done for you. This is all skin care oil and serums, and to be honest, I would be lost in determining which one to use. Not only is there a set but the entire set is discounted if you just buy the collection. If you’ve ever known your wife to use the term “serum” in a sentence, then she certainly would like this. I personally like the fact that they did not test these products on animals. That’s just because I’m a vegetarian husband.


image of package of luzern sculpting masque for mom beauty products

Luzern makes a mask which I feel is something definitely spa-like that most people would not often do by themselves. In fact, this is the perfect kind of present that you buy with the motive of putting it with a spa gift certificate. Imagine her getting a gift certificate, on its own is cute but instead, getting the gift certificate attached to a pretty box.


image of lumi IPL Hair Removal Handset, included in mom beauty products

An IPL mobile device is something that my wife was asking about and I had no idea what it was. Once I learned, I could see what the big deal was, because I was just happy that it would save money instead of getting all the bits and pieces handled separately each month. I also love the idea of buying one simple device as opposed to investing a crap load of money to go to a spa to pay for laser hair removal. This particular Lumi is considered one of the best and highly rated.

Give these mom beauty products a try and see if you get a hit!