Nanobebe- Must Haves for Breastfeeding Moms

Nanobebe definitely is the top of the must haves on my baby registry.  As a breastfeeding mom, and a working mom, having the best and most reliable equipment is very important for my piece of mind and my baby’s health and happiness.  With Nanobebe’s seeming simple yet “high tech” designs, I feel comfortable that I am able to feed my baby safely and comfortably.  Nanobebe’s wide array of products cover all needs for a breastfeeding/pumping mom.

Nanobebe’s bottle design is extremely unique, but for good reason.  The squat shape of the bottles and the hump in the middle allows for pumped breastmilk to be evenly cooled and heated, lowering the bacteria growth, while preserving the vital nutrients in breastmilk.  It also allows for cooling and heating times to be much faster than in normal bottles.  The bottles are easy to clean and can be steamed, hand washed, and/or are top rack dishwasher safe.  The bottle comes with nipples and nipple covers, as well as storage lids so they can be easily stacked.  Because of their shape, once stacked, they take up much less room in the fridge than other bottles on the market.

In the Nanobebe Starter Set, you get the full variety of what you will need to get started.  The set includes 4 5oz bottles, 4 slow flow silicon nipples and covers, 4 storage lids, 2 ergonomically designed Flexy pacifiers, a breast pump adapter, and a non electric smart warming bowl.  All products are BPA free.  The bottles have a 360 degrees nipple venting system to reduce baby’s colic.  The set is the perfect gift for any nursing mom’s baby shower and is safe for newborn and up.

For on the go travel and safe storage, Nanobebe has a Bottle Carrier and Travel Pack.  Designed to keep your baby’s food safe during travel, the carrier has triple layer insulation.  The Travel Pack comes with a Nanobebe ice pack, designed to go underneath the bottles.  The carrier has room for three Nanobebe bottles, and also has a separate compartment in the bottom to store a spare pacifier.  It is easy to clean and attach to a stroller or diaper bag.

Nanobebe products make it easy to feed your baby, and ensures your breastmilk is safer than normal storage and bottles.  The Nanobebe design allows for heating to be twice as fast while making sure to keep your breastmilk as fresh as possible.  The design also allows for babies to learn easy grip and hold onto the bottom of the bottles, working on motor skills.  All included, Nanobebe is the only bottle and set that will be feeding my baby.  Nanobebe is available online and in stores everywhere.  Find out more about the science behind their thoughtful designs, where to buy, and see all products on

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