Nutribullet Baby To The Rescue!

Is it just me or are some of the baby foods they sell in the supermarket just totally gross looking.  I really try to make my life as easy as possible but I just can’t get down with all the jarred stuff.  How do I buy and use all organic fruits and veggies for my older kids and then buy food in the jar for the baby?!?

Enter the nutribullet BABY and my life is right on track.  This is a complete baby food making system that is both easy to use and easy to clean.  YOU totally control what is in your baby’s food.  NO hidden preservatives or any of the other “long, hard to read” items on the label.  I food prep for myself for my work week.  Now I can even food prep for the baby.  You can literally use the batch cups to store in the fridge and the freezer.  Fresh prepared food for baby is now totally grab and go!

The bullet blades work in perfect stages for you.  You can start with a fine puree and move onto mash meals straight into the toddler year.  Oh; and they have great recipes both in the box and online! I had no issue what so ever cleaning the nutribullet BABY.  Every darn piece is totally dishwasher safe.

Since we are all starting the new year off “healthier” and “happier” maybe grab up one of these for your household.  It is absolutely a simple and satisfying part of our routine here now.  Available also at amazon! 

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