NEATsheets Review

image of 3 varieties/patterns of neatsheets

Okay, Moms…get ready because I am about to blow your minds with such a cool, simple, and innovative product we can all use no matter how old your kids are! NEATsheets are a great option to keep in your diaper bag, purse, tote, etc. as an alternative to napkins, clothing protectors, or bibs.  They have these really easy-to-use adhesive tabs that stick right to the front of your shirt.  They do not fall off either, I want to mention. We tried them on an adult and a toddler so we feel we did a nice full test!

You don’t have to carry around wet/dirty/soiled bibs anymore. You just toss these in the trash when you are finished with the meal.  Oh, and they come in four adorable patterns (see picture: blue, cinnamon, grey, and red/white). You can grab a small 20-count pouch for your bag/car/trunk, or stock up on a larger 100-count box so you never run out.

Think meals on the go, office lunch, eating on the way to work in the car, elderly/confined to bed, arts and crafts, preschool, and so much more!

Pricing is pretty reasonable (around a dollar a sheet) and honestly, for the convenience of them, you really cannot go wrong!

Check out NEATsheets!