Top 5 New Baby Momma Musts

My holiday shopping helper/article for you this evening!  Where are my new mom’s at?? I have some really great finds for your holiday shopping needs!

Biiby BibCalling all the breastfeeding moms.  How often do we walk around all day in “slightly wet” soggy nursing bras?  It really isn’t fair.  Now enter this awesome new breastfeeding bib and we are on our way to being actual humans again.  This tucks easily into your nursing bra and keeps everyone dry.  It is made of bamboo fleece and organic cotton so no worries about sensitive skin.  You simply must check out!

Baby Blue GiraffeThis Company is the “bees knees” in my opinion.  Such a super cute family owned company based in California that offers this super soft baby hair brush that you simply must have.  It has really really soft goat hair and an awesome wooden handle.  This is the perfect size for baby.  You can grab up on Amazon for about $16.00.

Made Of:  I’ve talked about these products before.  These are 100% organic baby musts!  The Company offers so many cool stocking stuffer items like lotions, sunscreens and wipes to name a few.  I have to be honest here – the lotion is totally non-greasy and I use it myself!  Check out these great items!  You will be hooked just like me.

Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottle: Ok, so these are an absolute must.  They come in various stages (steps 1-5 which covers birth to 12 months+).  They are are designed expertly for easy latch feedings.  They cost about $25.00 for a 2 pack which is perfectly priced as a baby shower, holiday or anytime gift!  I love this whole company; they offer both baby and kid items as well as a super chic diaper bag line.  Please check them out!

Get Jane Robes:  This suggestion is strictly for the moms/moms to be.  And you know what; you totally deserve it.  You are a baby making/carrying vessel and goddess.  No one likes the doctor and hospital issue “gowns”.  They are tacky, cold and very uncomfortable.  The My Jane robe will pamper you every step of the way I just promise you.  They are super soft and come in a very convenient cinch sack.  These are hospital approved, machine washable and perfect for outpatient procedures, hospital stays, or during recovery.  They cost from $59-65.00.  I just know you have someone on your holiday list that would love one!

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