I need all the help in the kitchen I can get…

I love to scour the internet on my break at work for easy recipes to wow the children with later that day (LOL).  I usually find that I have not time to get all the ingredients anyhow.  But the weekend…that is my time for coming up with fun and yummy dishes!

Now I will admit that I rely on the power of gadgets.  For the kids who like whipped up chocolate treats like hot chocolate and such I secretly have been relying on the Capresso Froth MAX.  I know you are thinking “is this chick nuts..it is summer” but guess what..you can do hot or cold with this baby!  I even put chocolate chips in and the results are awesome!  If you need fun recipes please check out the company’s blog.  The parts are BPA free and some of it can be tossed in the dishwasher to clean.  The cost is around $59 for this awesome gadget.

Who doesn’t love cheese!  What if I told you we sometimes enjoy Raclette literally poolside? I know…first you are going to ask what the heck that is and I am going to tell you.  I basically heat up cheese and dip stuff into it without any electric or gas necessary!  You use tea lights!  The kids love it too and it is my fun way of tricking them into eating fruit to be honest.  The cost is around $20; so perfect!

Finally; I want to shed light on this awesome scale I use to try to weigh my food.  I can’t be eating all this chocolate and cheese and not dieting.  This CDN scale is awesome!  It doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space at all and it is super accurate.  Definitely recommend!

So next up is me looking for a live in chef….but since I think that isn’t happening I will continue to scour for easy recipes and wonderful gadgets to get the job done!


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