Neno’s Naturals


This year, I am all about taking better care of myself.  After all, I deserve it.  Neno’s Naturals brings us a safe, gentle all-natural CBD remedy to help with my wellness journey.  These are products that will not get you high but rather “take care of you.”  These are easy-to-use topicals, capsules, gummies, vapes, and patches.

Here are some of the Neno’s Naturals products I am loving:

CBD Sleep Gummies ($34.99):  These are 750mg broad-spectrum gummies and quite honestly the best way to end my day.  They are produced from USA-grown hemp and contain zero THC.  I take 1-2 as needed.

Rest CBD Capsules ($34.99):  Same 750mg CBD capsules.  Same quality USA-grown hemp with zero THC.   I take 1 or 2 as needed with food.  Oh, and make sure you hydrate with plenty of water.

CBD Freeze Roll On ($29.99):  My husband is LOVING this.  This is a 500mg freeze roll on that brings you cool relief.  Very easy to use and absolutely no mess.  After a muscle strain (he works out daily), he just applies as needed to the affected area.  He has tried other products out there on the market and says this one is far more helpful.

They have other great items available as well.  You have to check them out for your quality CBD needs.