NestAway Awning Protection

NestAway awning protection

We’ve all had problems with critters invading our homes. Sometimes, even the ones we like can cause problems. For instance, have you ever found a bird’s nest inconveniently located in your gutter or under your awning?

Birds can certainly be beautiful to look at, but their nests can cause an unwanted mess and possibly cause damage to your home. So, how can you nicely get rid of them? Maybe it would be better to just prevent them from building a nest on your home in the first place. Better yet, find a way to prevent nest building in a way that is not harmful to the birds or the environment.

If you have an awning, NestAway has come up with a way to help you avoid birds nesting under it. They have developed a foam barrier that you can discreetly place between the beam and the awning itself. The barriers are really not noticeable unless you’re looking for them, although I’m not sure how they would look on a darker colored house since they are white in color.

The barriers are made out of a foam that is similar to a pool noodle, and they can be adjusted in size. NestAway gives easy to follow directions that include testing the size when the awning is both open and closed. That way to can make sure it fits before you tie it into place with the zip ties they provide. Besides fitting the size, it’s good to test how it fits length wise, because you want to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the motor.

Each package of NestAway comes with four foam barriers that are a little over 50 inches in length, meaning there’s a total of around 17 feet. They are about two and a half inches around and can be placed end to end with the remaining bit easy to cut off. Of course, the package also comes with 15 zip ties needed to tie the barriers in place. All in all, it’s an easy, inexpensive, and friendly way to keep birds from nesting under your awning.

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