New Card Game Reveal!

With all the rushing around we are doing during the week (work, school, sports, activities) it is sometimes nice to relax on the weekend with a nice family game session.  Regal Games has been bringing quality family games to our homes for over 80 years and I was thrilled to give their brand new games a try with my kids this past weekend.  I love how this company has all our favorites from when we were children but with this new, impressive spin to make it fresh.

Scorzo: This is rummy version 2021.  Each round brings new strategy and the whole family can play.  Great for ages 8 and up for 2-6 players.  Just remember to not get stuck with too many points!

Spoons and a Spork: ok – this game I love.  This is “old-school” Spoons with a twist.  You have to get four of a kind and then race to scoop up the spoons.  We were laughing, the game was at a very quick pace at one point.  Perfect for ages 8 and up and great for 3-8 players.

The Goodge Rules: a fun game of who’s your friend or foe!!  You want to be “The Goodge” because then you make the game rules.  You can grab up some extra cards and bid your way to winning it all!  Make sure you know exactly what you are bidding on; I loved how different this was and the kids really enjoyed the friendly competition while I enjoyed the strategy skills we used during the game.  Perfect for ages 8 and up and great for 3-4 players.

Each one costs about $10 making them a great gift or little treat at anytime!