Orbit B-hyve XR Smart Sprinkler System

bhyveThere is something inherently simple regarding a sprinkler system. It sends water out across your lawn and garden at regular intervals. The main unit, which this theoretically replaces, does one job, which is to turn on and off each zone and send the appropriate more water out for the appropriate amount of time.


The key here is not the device but how the device communicates with the app and the app itself. That is where the Bhyve is amazing.


There are two basic functions that the app basically ads to a home sprinkler system.

The first is that it’s a “smart water“ system that essentially will check the temperature, type of soil, and any other data you give it water for the appropriate amount for every single zone. This will check weather reports, and it’s even useful if it knows that it will be raining later in the day it will reduce watering. Your usual system is measuring rainfall, so therefore cannot predict if it’s going to have a nor’easter thunderstorm later in the day with 6 inches of rain. This now can do that prediction.


The second big takeaway is what I found the most valuable and realistic too. I never found myself running to the sprinkler box to do a quick run here and there. It would basically be set up in the spring and left in the boiler room until the fall with no alterations at all. Now that it’s on my app, I can force a run whenever I need to or want as well as I can and also alter the zones as it goes.


That’s what makes your sprinkler system so much more useful at this point. It makes the sprinkler system finally much more helpful.  On its own, it is just that system of pipes blasting water at whatever time you initially determined.


Now with intelligence, the bHyve takes it and moves it to a point where it’s actually much more useful.

It’s on sale on Amazon right now!