NEW Cheddar Collection from Alouette


Nothing says family gathering like Thanksgiving and football. As with any afternoon gathering, snacks and appetizers are vital. For dips and spreads you can’t go wrong with cheese, and if you’re fixing it for your family’s special occasion, you should use the best. Alouette has a long standing reputation as one of the best cheese spreads around. Just like the Vikings, Lions, Redskins, Cowboys, Steelers, and Colts (all slated to play Thanksgiving Day 2016), Alouette is upping their game. They have just released three new flavors, all cheddar based (and only $4.99 each). Each one of them is sure to delight your palate!

The first in this new line of cheddar flavors is the “herbed, zesty, and smooth” Ranch Cheddar. Instead of serving your fresh veggies with ranch dressing or dip, try Alouette’s Ranch Cheddar spread. It could also replace ranch-style and cheese dips for your chips.

The second new cheddar flavor is the “sweet, smoky, and spicy” Chipotle Cheddar. I must admit, Chipotle is one of my favorite flavors, and cheddar is my favorite type of cheese. So, having these two flavors mixed together is perfection for me. It’s good for veggies and chips too, but I also like it on crackers, and with finger meats. If you only try one of these three new flavors, you’ve got to try the Chipotle Cheddar!

Last, but not least is Sharp Cheddar, which has the true full flavor of cheddar. Great as a dip or spread, I for one would like to try it on a sandwich.

It doesn’t matter which flavor you choose, including any one of these Alouette cheddar spreads will be the hit of your Thanksgiving Game Day celebration. Better yet, include all three!

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