Girls Love Gaming Event 11/5/16

I  pretty much the most amazing morning ever in the beautiful city of New York yesterday!  My daughter and niece were treated to a private showing of newly released as well as not yet released games!  We met early Saturday morning at Lightbox Studios on 38th street and walked into a sea of brightly colored beanbag chairs with games galore!  The girls took a crack at newly released Mario Party Star Rush which is like playing a classic board game with friends right on the DS!  Also super cool is that with this game up to 4 people can play even if only one has the software.  Mario Kart 7  features some new racing game styles.

Next up they put Style Savvy Fashion Forward to the test.  This game was actually made for my diva daughter: you get to be the fashion designer, hairdresser or even runway model; you literally call the shots and run the show!  The event also featured new Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon; these are such a crowd favorite for both boys and girls alike!  Next up was a visit to Yo-Kai Watch 2 and Animal Crossing’s stations: both games feature adorable characters and the ability to use your imagination the entire time you game!  The ended the morning with a super cool chance to try out Super Mario Maker 3DS which isn’t released to the public yet!  I don’t think we made it through the front door before this was added to the Christmas list.

What I haven’t mentioned yet was the super great celebrity that joined us for the event: Laura Marano of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally.  She got the party started by telling the girls in the room about how much she enjoyed gaming as a child too!  She is truly a wonderful role model for these little ladies!  She went station to station throughout the event and played games with all the event participants.  My daughter also noted spotting a few girls from some of her favorite to follow YouTube channels like MommyandGracieShow.  What a super great day for my girlie!  #3DSMyWay #Nintendo

nintendo-event-1 nintendo-event-2

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