New Family Games You Will Love!

We are always home!  I know in my house we are playing more games which has been the one amazing thing about this crazy pandemic.  I love the fun and the laughter we have associated with a gathering around a game board.  Here are some new ones my house is checking out that we wanted to share with all of you!

Rattlesnake Jake: this game is great!  For ages 4 and up the goal is to get your gold back from Rattlesnake Jake but watch out for his rattle!  It runs on 3 AAA batteries .  If Jake strikes on your turn you have to return half your nuggets.  The player with the most gold when the last nugget has been successfully taken is the winner.  My kids (both of whom are teenagers) actually laughed together as we tried this out.  You can grab this up on Amazon, Target and Walmart!

ESPN Trivia Night: This is a super cool game for any sports fan ages 10 and up.  You can choose to play categories you know you can dominate or go for high risk sports out of your comfort zone.  You can even recover lost points in the mini sports challenges.  I thought it was really cute and well planned out!  My kids and the hubby really enjoyed it! ($20).

Original Sequence Game: This game is great for a group (ages 7 and up, for 2-12 players).  The object is to score the required number of five card sequences before your opponents.  You play a card from your hand, place the corresponding chip on the game board and aim for a sequence.  Both my teens mentioned it was very similar to the STEM skills they learn in school.  I love that it is fun all while keeping those brains going.  Math meets game.  Love it.

Dance Charades: ok this one was seriously cool.  You play this with Alexa or Google Assistant.  It is basically charades as you know it set to music.  You get a 40 second song clip to dance out as many cards as you can.  This is a great way for everyone to get some physical activity in while having fun!  We laughed the entire evening!  You can also earn extra tokens for seriously cool dance moves.  You can play with 4 or more players; recommended age is 6 and up.

I just showed you some great options for the entire family!  Check them out or start any gift shopping you may have early!