weBoost Connect RV is for Cabins Too

weboost RVWeboost has been a product that I’ve trusted for years because it works. I have had a few WeBoost products over the years and find that they really make an unbelievable difference.


That said, the RV booster is officially for RVs. It says it in the title and therefore the concept is this is for RVs. So of course the best place I figured to test this was at my uncle’s cabin in New Hampshire which literally is not an RV but in the middle of the White Mountains. It’s so desolate, I couldn’t think of a better place to go and not be stuck in an RV.


In his house, I am lucky if I can get one bar on a good day. What made this awesome is that with the WeBoost 25 foot tower I was actually able to turn it and turn it towards the nearest cell phone tower.


I noticed an immediate pick-up in signal. I even unplugged it and plugged it back in to see the difference.


One of the other major pros of WeBoost is that this is not only 5G compatible but it’s set up for nearly every cell phone company in the country. I say that’s an advantage because when I’m visiting him I have Sprint and he has AT&T. So now this one device can boost for both of us without a problem.

A lot of devices say that set up can be a breeze but I actually found this to be done pretty quickly. It takes a little bit of jimmy rigging to aim it in the right direction but I actually didn’t find it that hard because there was only one cell phone tower in his town!

I actually used the app one signal which has a map of cell phone towers and found it rather easy to point in the direction of the only tower in town.

When I recorded my cell phone speed before and after you could really compare the difference. It went from 8 mbs up to 50 mbs basically from plugging and unplugging the device.

If you have an RV, I’m sure you’ll love it. If you have a cabin in the middle of nowhere, I think it works quite fine too.

They’re on sale on Amazon so worth checking out.

P.S. I forgot to take a morning shot of the tower so you’ll have to trust that it’s on the back.  The Amazon photo shows the unit!