New York Has Removed COVID Restrictions and I am Confused

As of today, New York has opened up for Covid restrictions so now you can basically do whatever the heck you want to do in front of your mask. Basically it hit the magic 70% threshold so now I guess all risk is gone.

I am currently wandering Manhattan going from meeting to meeting and frankly I think the entire city of New York is confused as to whether or not to wear a mask. Because half of the city is unmasked and basically celebrating the end of Covid while the other half of the city seems to be completely masked up and prepared for anything. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason or logic what is a basic standard for anything.

In front of me as I write this there is a homeless man he still coughing up his lungs. Even if he didn’t have Covid I would prefer the fact of him wearing a mask at this point. In the other direction, There are three girls who are posing for a selfie and I can actually vouch for the basic health and cleanliness that I would hope for. I’m not even judging, oh but I don’t particularly think the blonde one in the crew has the best judgment with the rest of my life that I wouldn’t really feel comfortable about her mask judgment.

So I really love it if somebody could tell me what are we doing with the masks New York and why do you feel Covid is over?