Terra Chips Latest Flavors for 2021

Why did you do this to me Terra Chips? Yes, I know you’re healthy and I know that you are much better than the regular potato chips but I’m trying to reduce my intake of snacks and now you’ve got me all excited about new flavors!


Terra Chips just came out with three new flavors, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Screaming Hot and Sour Cream and Onion. But I feel like now they are upping their game.


The Sea Salt and Vinegar definitely fix my need of my salt cravings. That said, the Screaming Hot is now basically my entire replacement for when I’m craving something really spicy.


Of course, the downside to healthy chips is that your only supposed to have a portion of the bag so I think it might be killing my diet that I had basically an entire bag and then some. I mean, let’s be real, who the hell is going to eat only one fifth of a bag of chips?


But, if you want to risk an addiction and try the new flavors, go to your local retailer and check out the latest from Terra Chips.


But I warn you, you might get addicted to the hot and spicy and I cannot be held responsible at that point!