I am sitting here on a Sunday morning thinking to myself that I am suddenly older looking than I thought.  Happy to report that I was asked to try out NEWA, a device based on “RF” or radio frequency technology to reduce wrinkles RIGHT AT HOME!  You don’t have to go to an expensive salon, get a babysitter or even listen to the hubby complain he has to watch the kids!

Basically, this device is rejuvenating the collagen in your skin and thus getting rid of the wrinkles in as little time as a month.  My personal goal is to boost the jaw line area (what on EARTH happened there) and I am really hoping this goes as planned with visible lift at 12 weeks.

I was worried this would hurt or be uncomfortable and it TOTALLY DOESN’T HURT!  I am working with a plan of around 4 weeks,  minutes a treatment on my jaw line/under my chin.  The Activator Lift Gel you apply to your skin first is super smooth and soft (also smells absolutely delicious) and then you just run the NEWA on your face in a circular motion.  I am using the regular gel but they also offer gels that specialize in clarifying, brightening and exfoliating as well as a line of night creams that I simply MUST TRY!  It literally is that easy.

NEWA is FDA approved for over-the-counter use at home and available at high-end stores.  This is truly at-home luxury and I want you all to splurge ASAP!

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