Newell Brands

newell brandsI had to take the picture to the left because I found it amazing how much Newell Brands makes.  I knew of each of the brands but never knew they were all done by Newell.

So you see the Contigo Autospout water bottle… great for kids for school. They make it.

I remember working on a review of A Dymo years ago. I can’t live without one. Mostly because I’m just printing my daughter’s name for her lunch box, etc…  they make it.

Expo are the pens. Dry erase, markers… they make the pens.

Goody is a bit less office supply but I actually do buy my daughter a brush for back to school every year.

Then they have Rubermaid’s LunchBlox.  Nobody told me they make them too. I can’t live without my Rubbermaid. And the kid really goes through one a year beating the hell out of it at lunch every day.

Sharpie, Papermate, and we’re back to the school supplies/office world. I seriously had no idea.  And again the kid will rip through these in no time.

Finally there’s the X-Acto Teach Pro.  It’s a pencil sharpener. Sure, I prefer the old fashioned crank one I had in school, but this will leave a lot less shavings on the floor when my son fools around with it.


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